3rd Album “Buenos Aires” Release

How many times, in your life, have you felt tears roll down listening to a single note?

How many times, in your life, has your heart raced from a ray of light, a dancing color?


人生において 幾度 気がついただろうか。




I am grateful and proud to have collaborated with wonderful artists who gave me these moments. They brought my songs to life.




I read books to travel.

I travel the world to listen.

I listen to notes to see above.

I create music to breathe.

I want the world to feel it.


旅をするように 本を読み。

音を聴くように 世界中を旅して。

上を向くために 音を聴き。

息をし続けるために 音楽を作ってきました。



I am standing here, you are holding me up.

Thank you. Love to you all.





November 13, 2019

Yoriko ichinomiya 一ノ宮頼子