New Project “ étranger “ Movie Wanted!

Yoriko Ichinomiya New Project  “ étranger “

Hello, world. Let me walk with you.

Submit your original content (movie/picture slide show) to →

1)  Include your name / country / email address.

2)  Let me know if you have any message / comment on the video.

3)  Movie length should be three to four minutes.

4)  Let me know if you have any specific song to go with your content.

  • All the actions from both sides will be voluntary.
  • It will be shared on YouTube / Facebook / Instagram.
  • Only original movies / Pictures are acceptable. Please understand that it might gets cut shorter while editing, depending on the length of the song.
  • I believe your good heart, please judge within reason what to submit. Any inappropriate / unhealthy application (including violent and/or sexual content) will be ignored.
  • By submitting, it is considered that you have agreed all above and given your permission for Yoriko Ichinomiya to use your content within this project.