[Live] 2/6(Sun) @ Zushi : AMIGO HOUSE

I am happy to announce that I will have my first gig in 2022 with Yusuke Onishi (Guitar) and Maki (Flute).

An old Japanese house is renewed as a movie theater. This beautiful Amigo House is a cozy, warm, and somehow nostalgic place like.. somewhere you fall in love once you step in.

So excited. Please join us!!

2022.2.6 (Sun)
Yoriko Ichinomiya Acoustic Night

Yoriko Ichinomiya : Pf, Vocal
MAKI : Flute / Yusuke Onishi : Guitar

Open 17:30 / Start 18:00

Charge (w/o Drink) :
3000yen (adv) / 3500yen (at door)

at : Amigo House 1-5-14 Shinjuku, Zushi-shi
Tel : 046-873-5643